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Hello and happy Monday from the US eastern seaboard! If you’re a regular reader of the site, please consider supporting my efforts so I can continue running one of the best independent blogs out there. You can choose from three levels of annually recurring support.

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For pennies a day, you can become one of kottke.org’s 1000 True Fans. Please, don’t make me have to start a rambling 2-hour podcast... I've got a voice built for text!
  Superstar · $60
Honestly if you’re even reading this, you’re probably a superfan of the site. If that’s the case, I would be beyond grateful for your contribution at this level. Cheers!
  The Crazy Ones · $600
The misfits. The troublemakers. You busted your ass & sold your company. Now invest in independent media w/ a bonkers contribution that’ll keep ’er running until an expanding Sun engulfs the Earth in billions of years.

   † As an alternative to an annual option, you can support the site for $3 monthly.

If you’d like more information about how memberships work and why I’m doing this, please read this post. Questions or comments? You may direct them to my inbox. If you can't do a credit card for some reason but still want to support the site with Bitcoin, Paypal, Slack stock options, magic beans, or fresh-baked cookies, email me and we’ll figure something out. (People asked, so I have also added $120/yr and $10/mo membership levels.)

The Fine Print. All payments are by credit card through Memberful with Stripe as a payment processor. Members of all levels will be subscribed to a seeeecret mailing list for unspecified future purposes — at a bare minimum you’ll hear about site goings-on before everyone else. You’ll also receive some email from Memberful regarding your payment — invoices, renewal notices, etc. Your email address and personal information will never be given to anyone for any purpose (other than for scheduled payments and the aforementioned mailings). Have a nice day!